We want collective and democratic decision-making.

To ensure that people have a real impact in the decisions that affect their lives and community, the community needs:Untitled-4

  • Free interpretation and translation provided for all government services and consultations in Chinatown, as well as other neighbourhoods with significant populations of residents or workers who have limited English proficiency .
  • A new, publicly funded Chinatown community council that engages the entire neighbourhood in democratic decision-making and that trains residents to become community leaders. A majority of the council membership should be Chinatown residents, especially seniors, women, and low-income people.
  • Increased public accountability and financial transparency for all existing committees and individual appointments that receive public funding and represent or make decisions about Chinatown.
  • A political and legal advocacy organization that advocates for and empowers residents and workers to exercise their legal rights, especially those who are low-income, have limited English proficiency, or lack formal education.