The People’s Vision for Chinatown was developed through deep engagement with a diverse community. We believe that it is the people in a community who have the most complete understanding of their own lives and needs. To implement the People’s Vision for Chinatown, Chinatown Action Group and Chinatown Concern Group will identify resources and develop specific policy proposals, projects, and campaigns for change – but above all, we will continue to engage with each other as a community and build our collective capacity for problem-solving and leadership.

We hope that the People’s Vision for Chinatown can serve as a banner for collaboration, not only for the Chinatown community, but also for our allies across the city and all levels of government. We invite you to join us in action. Together we can build a city where equity and democracy flourish.

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2. Sign the petition

Sign our online petition here and/or click on the postcard to print out a copy to send to the mayor!

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3. Volunteer with us

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We are always looking for folks who want to organize and create systemic change in their communities. We need help with:

  • calling councillors
  • translating and interpreting
  • gathering signatures for petitions
  • writing press releases
  • managing social media
  • making art (poster/banner making, videos, website design)
  • doing outreach (door knocking, tabling, house visits)
  • research
  • + more!

Click the link below to download, print, and read the full version of The People’s Vision for Chinatown: A Community Strategy for Social and Economic Development.

The People’s Vision for Chinatown: A Community Strategy for Social and Economic Development