We worry about safety.

  • Issues-4The continued displacement of the residents and businesses due to gentrification has undermined people’s overall sense of community. This diminished sense of community is what makes people feel unsafe.
  • Traffic congestion, dangerous driving, and unenforced speed limits make seniors feel especially vulnerable when travelling on foot. The walk times at pedestrian crosswalks are also too short and the signals are hard to see and hear.
  • Sidewalks are poorly maintained sidewalks and have caused slips and falls. Seniors are particularly isolated during the winter, when unpredictable weather and icy sidewalks make it difficult to leave their homes and prevent them from gathering outdoors.
  • People feel troubled and helpless when they see people without housing or overdosing on the streets and do not know who to ask for assistance. They question why the government allows poverty, addiction, and homelessness to continue in the community.
  • Seniors feel unsafe walking alone, especially in the evening, and many have experienced theft and robbery. Common perceptions of Chinatown as an unsafe neighbourhood discourages people from visiting and exacerbates social isolation.